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Celebrating the Year-End Party and the Chinese New Year

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Update time : 2022-01-29 15:36:46
Celebrating the Year-End Party and the Chinese New Year 
GOTO Holiday Time: From 30th Jan to 7th Feb, 2022

heartThe Annual Partyheart
Saying goodbye to the unforgettable 2021 and welcoming the Chinese New Year, GOTO Annual Party has been grandly held on 21st January 2022 at the Dinglong Hilton Hotel in Guangzhou!

In order to thank all the staff for all their hard work this year and celebrate the coming Chinese new year, looking back on the struggles of the past years and looking forward to the new future, GOTO employees and partners all are here for celebrating the annual party.
This Annual party is not only a summary of the year's work, but also sows the seeds of "hope", indicating that there will be more magnificent achievements in the coming year! And this year-end party is also like a gas station. We have accumulated strength and are ready to go. Let us take a firmer and more powerful step in the new year!!!

This is not only an annual party, but also a gathering of the company's big family and a warm gathering of partners. Party with annual awards, learning from role models, and paying tribute to the elite!

Behind every success, there are down-to-earth efforts. In the new year, there are dreams and goals. This is a grand ceremony shared by GOTO! Let us learn from them, and regard them as models.


Best Leader

 Best Team Contribution Award

 Employee of the Year

 Best Newcomer Award

Then a happy lottery brings the party to a climax!



Happy Lottery
The new year is the start of a new chapter and breeds new hope. In the coming year, wish us all have a most happy and prosperous new year! May all your wishes come true this Chinese New Year.


The Chinese New Yearheart
 The 2022 –Year of the Tiger

The Chinese New Year in 2022 falls on February 1st. According to the Chinese zodiac, this is the Year of the Tiger, which has a 12-year cycle and each year is represented by a specific animal. People who was born in the Year of the Tiger including 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 and 2010, will experience their zodiac year (Born Ming Nian). The Chinese New Year in 2023 falls on January 22 with the Year of the Rabbit.

Why is it called Spring Festival?

Chinese Spring Festival had turned up in the Shells period the sacrifices of the tail and head of the ancestor worship god. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the first day of the first lunar month was called Yuanri, Yuanchen, Yuanzheng, Yuanshuo. And the first day of the month is called the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival also means that spring will come and a new round of sowing and harvesting seasons will begin again.
Chinese Spring Festival, which is also called Chinese Lunar New Year, is the grandest as well as the most important and hilarious one in the country. In 2022 Chinese New Year festival falls on Feb. 1st 2022. This year is the Year of the Tiger in Chinese Zodiac, when the streets in China, either large or small, are decorated all over with lanterns and banners bearing the pattern or word of Tiger. It creates a holiday atmosphere around the city. On Lunar New Year's Eve, the family get together for a reunion meal, symbolizing the harmony of a family and people's fulfillment of life.

How to Celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival?
There are many customs during the Spring Festival, such as pasting Spring Festival couplets, staying up late, eating reunion dinner, paying New Year's greetings, worshiping ancestors, etc. Like other major festivals, Chinese New Year is a festival with so many entertainment activities for people of all ages to celebrate. During the half-month festival, people in China and around the world can experience dragon dances, grand fireworks displays, street festivals, handicrafts and many other activities.

Pasting Spring Festival Couplets
Spring Festival couplets, also known as "spring stickers", "door pair" and "couplets", are one of the red festive elements posted during the Chinese New Year. When people put up New Year red (Spring Festival couplets and blessing characters, etc.) on their doorsteps, it means that the Spring Festival officially kicks off.
Every Spring Festival, whether in urban or rural areas, every household should pick beautiful red spring couplets and stick them on their doors to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, adding to the festive atmosphere, expressing the good wishes of the Chinese working people to ward off evil and eliminate disasters and welcome good luck. It is said that this custom originated in the Song Dynasty and became popular in the Ming Dynasty.

The Spring Festival’s Family Reunion Dinner
The New Year's Eve Dinner, also called Reunion Dinner, is the last meal on New Year's Eve in the lunar calendar. For many people, the most anticipated and most important activity for the New Year's Eve is to have a New Year's Eve dinner. In the sound of firecrackers, the whole family sit together for dinner, saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new.
This meal must also be quite rich. Generally speaking, everyone pays attention to eating fish, which symbolizes the surplus every year, and there will also be staple foods such as dumplings, wontons, Lantern Festival, long noodles or rice cakes, etc.

Giving Red Envelopes – Best Wishes
Sending "red packets" is a custom of the Chinese New Year. Chinese love red color because red symbolizes vitality, happiness and good luck.  

Distributing red envelopes to underage juniors (according to the Chinese concept, married people are considered to be adults) is to bring them wishes and good luck. The money in the red packet is just to make the children happy, and its main meaning is in the red paper, because it symbolizes good luck.  

During the Spring Festival, the elders should distribute the money prepared in advance to the younger generation, it is said that the old age money can suppress the evil spirit, and the younger generation can spend a year in peace and security when they get the old age money.  

Watching CCTV New Year's Gala--A Must-Watch TV Feast
CCTV New Year's Gala , also known as the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, is a variety show held by China Media Group (CMG) on the Lunar New Year's Eve every year to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
Since the first CCTV Spring Festival Gala was held in 1983, it has gradually become a new folk custom of Chinese people and a must-watch TV feast on New Year's Eve every year.
It has important cultural meaning, symbolizing family reunion and harmony. Just like the Spring Festival Gala in the New Year's Eve in the prime time broadcast, the Spring Festival Gala is combined with folk customs such as keeping the year old and eating New Year's Eve dinner. It also symbolizes the achievement of social consensus.

Setting off Firecrackers at Midnight 0:00
Setting off firecrackers at midnight 00:00, put the New Year's Eve lively atmosphere to the climax of the sound of firecrackers. It has the saying of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, which herald the New Year good luck and entrust people hope for a New Year. Setting off firecrackers in the Spring Festival places the good wishes of the Chinese working people to dispel evil spirits, avoid disasters and pray for good luck.
What’s more, we will have a holiday from 31st Jan. 2022 to 6th Feb 2022! All orders placed after 6th will be processed after we come back from holiday. Hence our office, factory and warehouse are closed during the above period, please feel free to contact us.

Finally, GOTO wish you have a happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!heart
We'll be back on 7th, Feb., 2022.wink


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